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Delicious (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Creativity

Edsa is a creative collaboration between two London-based Filipinas, Sai Villafuerte and Kat Fernando, circumnavigating the worlds of food and creativity.

In a world grappling with the challenges brought on cultural appropriation, what can the history of food tell us about our lives and what can our lives tell us about the food we eat?

Currently, we are looking to pursue artistic projects, culinary experiences and public conversations addressing modern life, the environment and Eurasian culture. 

WTF is Edsa, though?

Edsa pokes fun at tropes of meme culture to mock the minimalist designs saturating branding culture today. Using stock imagery and slapstick puns, Edsa conjures the pithy sarcasm that is characteristic of Filipino humour, employing satire to communicate intellectual ideas.

The metaphor of traffic, for example, uses an absurd experience to illustrate the fluid and adaptable nature of culture in food as evoked in its tagline “The Path of Delicious Creativity.” The Edsa logotype uses the grotesque sans-serif IBM Plex Sans Bold as an update on Highway Gothic, the typeface originally developed for the famous freeway signage in the United States. This logotype pays homage to the road signage currently being used in the Philippines – the result of American colonisation between 1898 and 1946.

Witty in its voice and playful on the eyes, Edsa evokes the path we all take to get from one place, or one idea, to another.

🖋 Sai Villafuerte is a journalist specialising in cultural reporting, whose work has appeared on VICE, MUNCHIES, HuffPost UK, Huck, intern, amongst others. She received an MPhil in international development from the University of Oxford where she conducted field research on “creativity” as a source of growth for developing countries. Her most memorable food experiences include eating deep fried starfish in Beijing’s Wangfujing 王府井 Market and mistaking alligator meat for chicken. www.saivillafuerte.com
👘 A graduate of London College of Fashion, Kat Fernando‘s career spans across design, styling, and e-commerce. Having spent time away from the drawing board to experiment in the kitchen, Kat is on the look-out for her next adventure. You’ll likely find her in London’s Billingsgate Market at 4 AM, fighting for the last piece of sea urchin, or whipping up a nice plate of Chongqing Laziji 辣子鸡 for Christmas. www.instagram/mkatfdo


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