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The Path of Delicious Creativity.

Edsa is a creative collaboration between Sai Villafuerte and Kat Fernando, circumnavigating the worlds of food and creativity.

In a world grappling with the challenges brought on cultural appropriation, what can the history of food tell us about our lives and what can our lives tell us about the food we eat?


Cutting across the heart of Manila, the Philippines’ capital city, is Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, or EDSA — a 23.8-kilometre stretch of road that wraps the city like a tangled artery, branching out from the center into a capillary network of roads, alleyways and dead ends.

EDSA is the main passageway connecting the capital city to the archipelago’s diverse sights and fancies.

But to leave Manila means weaving through a labyrinth of concrete, noise and smog where for every kilometre-squared of the metropolis is occupied by 40,000 people.

This makes Manila one of the most densely populated cities in the world, surpassing Mumbai, Calcutta and Shanghai.

To those who toil through their commute in this sea of cars, EDSA is all at once a wild fascination and a tragic absurdity.

However, the congestion associated with this long, winding structure actually stands for something much bigger.

To be stuck in traffic suggests an ongoing journey. To pass through it means to arrive eventually.

This journey is best embodied in the food we eat.

While many food cultures are different, there’s a universal comfort to be felt by any child, arriving back home to their mother asking,

“kúmaìn ka ná?”

which, from Tagalog, translates to: “Have you eaten?”

After all, the ancient nomads of the Silk Road brought with them more than just textiles and gunpowder.

Like the rice vermicelli of Guangxi transforming into Sicilian spaghetti,

EDSA, to us, represents the path we all take to get from one place, or one idea, to another.


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